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About Me

Speaker - Creator - Model

Who I am is mostly shaped by my experiences. Through my experiences, I have learned so much about different places and different people. Below is a gallery outlining some of these experiences. I am using this page to outline who I am, and why I would potentially a good fit for your brand!


Tychon's Pillars




Mental Health

Diversity and Inclusion


Urban Planner

May 2016 - Present

After getting a Master's degree in Urban Planning from McGill University in 2017, Tychon worked in various roles as an Urban Planner - building healthy, happy, and sustainable communities.


Big Brother Canada

Feb 2021 - May 2021

Tychon became the first Black houseguest to ever win Big Brother Canada. As a part of the Big Brother Canada Season 9 cast, Tychon spread awareness about diversity and inclusion and stayed true to his morals and values throughout the production of the season.



Oct 2018 - Present

Although Tychon has never been signed to an agency, he has freelance modeled for a number of years and has been in various ads and publications.


Basketball Official

Oct 2008 - Present

Tychon has had an extensive career in basketball officiating. He started refereeing basketball as a high school student. Presently, Tychon referees high-level college basketball as well as various elite local leagues.


Director of Operations

May 2016 - Present

As Director of Operations, Tychon has been responsible for the growth and expansion of operations at Aspire for Higher Basketball. With Tychon's leadership, the program was able to expand from Ontario to Alberta, as well as offer an officiating program which he designed developed and delivered.



Dec 2018 - Mar 2020

Tychon has worked in a couple of different roles as a Bartender. As a part-time gig, he uses his charismatic personality to build relationships, offer exceptional service adding value to the customer experience.


Varsity Athlete

Sept 2010 - Mar 2016

Tychon played 5 years as Varsity Athlete at two different schools. Varsity sports kept Tychon busy and allowed him to develop time management skills to ensure consistently met his athletic and academic goals.

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