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Speaking & Workshops

All speaking topics and workshops are listed below. The coverage of each topic is curated based on the audience. All talks are approximately 50 minutes not including a question period. Workshops can be added on or requested as separate engagement.

Speaking Topics

Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Truth

African-Canadian communities are highly underserved and overlooked. Growing up as a black male in Canada comes with many challenges. I will talk about the obstacles I faced in school, work, home and how I was affected by intergenerational trauma. This presentation focuses on the triumph and resilience of an African-Canadian man who found his way in the face of adversity.


Learners will be able to: 

  • Define their emotional boundaries and their mental health tipping point;

  • Apply assertiveness techniques in their daily lives;

  • Apply techniques to overcome adversity;

  • Build or influence a more inclusive community.


Facing Anti-Black Racism

Systemic discrimination is prevalent in North America and has significant effects on the health and well-being of visible minorities. As a black man growing up in Canada, this talk will discuss my experiences with anti-black racism, coping techniques, and how we can progress towards change.

Learners will be able too:

  • Understand the foundations of racial bias;

  • Develop coping tools and techniques for systemic discrimination;

  • Understanding the importance of empathy;

  • Building and fostering a more diverse and inclusive community.


Loving Yourself and Managing Your Mind

Navigating through the pandemic has been difficult for everyone. More than ever, it is important for us to manage our physical and mental health as we adjust back into society post-pandemic. In this presentation, I will talk about the importance of mindfulness and learning to be emotionally resilient.

Learners will be able too:

  • Develop mindfulness tools and techniques;

  • Understand the importance of healthy relationships;

  • Foster a healthy relationship with social media and technology;

  • Build a routine to promote a healthy mind and body.

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Additional Speaking Topics

Descriptions & Learning Objectives can be provided upon request

  • My Big Brother Canada Experience

  • People and Places - The Importance of Good City Planning

  • Education and Entrepreneurship

  • An Open Letter to Athletes  

  • Custom based off your needs



Listed below are activity-based and interactive discussion workshops that will allow attendees to learn from the speaker and explore their own strengths and weaknesses to challenge their minds and develop their skills.

Workshop Options 

Customized workshops can be provided upon request

  • Finding Your Purpose and Achieving Your Goals

  • Loving Yourself and Managing Your Mind

  • Understanding Anti-Black Racism and Tools To Progress Towards Change



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