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Tychon, a dynamic motivational speaker, captivates audiences with his unique blend of engaging storytelling and humor, weaving a narrative that inspires and empowers. His talks delve into the challenges faced by African-Canadian communities, providing a platform where he openly shares his personal experiences dealing with adversity, navigating through intergenerational trauma, and confronting the harsh realities of anti-Black racism.

In his presentations, Tychon goes beyond surface discussions, offering valuable insights into the intricacies of emotional well-being. He guides learners on the path to defining emotional boundaries, equipping them with assertiveness techniques, and fostering inclusivity within their communities. Tychon's talks are not only motivational but also serve as a practical guide for individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of their emotional landscapes.


In broadening his perspective, Tychon not only acknowledges the current challenges posed by the post-pandemic landscape but also actively seeks to address and navigate the complex terrain of managing mental health in this new reality. Recognizing the nuanced nature of this endeavor, he immerses himself in the intricate realm of mindfulness, delving deep into the multifaceted strategies that can contribute to overall well-being.

With an unmistakable passion, Tychon emphasizes the pivotal role of cultivating robust relationships in the pursuit of mental health post-pandemic. He views these connections as not only sources of emotional support but also as essential components of a resilient framework. Tychon champions the idea that meaningful relationships act as pillars of strength, contributing significantly to one's ability to navigate challenges and foster a sense of belonging in an evolving world.

Additionally, Tychon advocates for the establishment of purposeful routines as foundational elements that bolster resilience for both the mind and body. These routines, he believes, serve as stabilizing forces in an ever-changing environment, providing individuals with a sense of predictability and control. Through this emphasis on routine, Tychon encourages a proactive and intentional approach to daily life, promoting habits that contribute positively to mental and physical well-being.

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A firm believer in men being able to communicate their feelings confidently, Tychon gave his insights on approaching difficult conversations with those stubborn friends. “It starts with vulnerability,” he stated. Being vulnerable ourselves first often makes it easier for those who find it challenging to be vulnerable. Doing that gives the feeling of safety. He usually takes time to set intentions and visualize such conversations beforehand. 


Tychon speaks about the journey, experiences, and challenges of racing with his dad on the Amazing Race. Tychon also dives into life after reality TV, and what his passions and motivations have evolved to now having an audience and following—using his platform as an influencer to bring forth awareness, about the stigmas black men face with stereotypes surrounding this issue.


Tychon is on a mission to help others fall in love with themselves and wants people to become their best versions as he strives to do the same. He aims to lead by example, and Can We Normalize That? was his first in-person panel intending to normalize vulnerability. The panelists initiated the dialogue about Mental Wellness for Media Personalities. Carter talked about how his insecurities kept creeping up and how he almost didn’t go through with the event.

In this episode, winner of Big Brother Canada Season 9 Tychon Carter-Newman speaks to us about life in and out of the BB house, becoming a mental health advocate and his plans since winning the game. 


Tychon is a passionate advocate for fostering open communication and breaking down the barriers surrounding vulnerability, especially among men. Rooted in the belief that men should be empowered to confidently express their feelings, Tychon graciously shares his insights on navigating challenging conversations, particularly with those friends who may be a bit more resistant to opening up.


Tychon's approach is not just about communication; it's a testament to his dedication to creating connections that go beyond surface-level interactions. His belief in the transformative power of vulnerability and the willingness to share personal experiences serves as an inspiring guide for those looking to navigate the delicate terrain of difficult conversations. Through his insights and genuine encouragement, Tychon is a beacon for breaking down emotional barriers, one heartfelt conversation at a time.


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